Solo/Small Ensemble

H is For
for solo piano [View score]
November 2010   3′ 30”
performed by Rachel Nicholas in December 2010



1. Too Small
for piano, tape and two people [View Score]
December 2012   4′
Performed by Michael Wolters, Vicky Bonham and Rachel Nicholas on 23rd January 2012


2. A Bit Quiet
for solo recorder [View Score]
February 2012    4′ 30”
workshopped by Michelle Holloway in February 2012


3. Not Hanging
for two singers (playing ukulele) and video [View Score]
February 2012   5′
performed by Tom Lenthall and Rachel Nicholas on 6th March 2012


I Like Sitting
for solo trumpet  [View score]
January 2011    2′
performed by Tom Allan in January 2011

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